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Prove your love for you bike

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Those of us that love our bikes know best that they need periodical checks, like the human bodies do. It’s not like they are going to serve us forever without any maintenance. Part of our love to them has to be proven in the way we look after them. We like to be able to count on them; therefore all cyclists should be aware of how to make repairs. Follow this simple guide to DIY bike maintenance and your “friend” will be up and running in no time.

Prove your love


Check You can find out if the brakes are dead or damaged by taking a careful look at them. If the knurled nut adjuster where the brake cable enters the brake is on maximum, the brake pads are dead. Now check if the brake cable outer is damaged or the cables are fraying.

Repair Brake pads are easy to change with your tool kit. As a first step, replace brake cables by removing the old cable. You need to cut off the crimped-on cable protector and pull it through the outer. Now pull the outer from the frame. Don’t throw it away since is going to be helpful to you. Measure the new cable using the old one as a guide. Thread it through the outer and retention pin, then down to the outer end caps. Tighten it with the knurled nut adjuster. Finally put the cable protector on the end using pliers to stop the cable from fraying. It is not very difficult, isn’t it?


Check If the wheel is dented, or you have a broken spoke, your brakes could lock and you’ll be in great danger. Now is the time to play a harp of your spokes. Have you done it before? If you will hear the same note when passing your hand on each spoke, everything is ok. But if something is loose you will hear a different note. Now is time to intervene.

Repair To tighten spokes, use a spoke key to gently turn the spoke nipple next to the rim. Test after each 1/4 of a turn – the note should become higher as the spoke tightens. If a wheel is severely out of shape it needs truing. You can buy a machine for this but it's relatively cheap to ask your bike shop to do it.


Check They are in between you and the road. Or being in between it is not easy, as we all know. Therefore, be very attentive with both your tires, checking for wear on the tread as well as cracks on the sidewalls that might indicate they have started to perish. If there are signs that they are worn, don’t wait until they will slow your performance but change them as soon as you notice the problem.

Repair Here is something that you can do without any difficulty: replace damaged tires immediately. Using tire levers you can fit the new tire back onto the wheel carefully with the inner tube inside without puncturing it.


Check For those of you that are not familiar with the “geography” here is a little description: The pedals and chain are attached to crank arms. You have two, a left and right one, and they are attached to the frame via the bottom bracket. For checking if there is any problem in this area, put the cranks at three and nine o'clock and then try to move them from side to side (across the bike frame). If they move and the bike doesn't, it's time for a new bottom bracket.

Repair You can buy tools for this. Older bikes, with square taper axles and internal bearings inside the bottom bracket housing, need a crank puller and a bottom bracket bearings tool. On new systems take the crank off with Allen keys, then use the external bearing housing tool. As a last step of your repair don’t forget to grease the threads with some anti-corrosion grease such as Copaslip.


Check One problem with the chain is that it won't run smoothly over the teeth and you may find that you start jumping sprockets. To check your chain, try lifting it from the chain-ring. If you can lift it more than 0,16 inches, you should replace it.

Repair The cassette and the chain wear together, therefore you should change them both. It's important to get the correct chain length by wrapping the chain around the big ring on the front and the big ring at the back (but not going through the derailleurs) and then add two links to this. You need a chain tool to do this and lots of multi-tools have one.

Now, the list should go on, but these were the most important things to check on your bike. Take time and look at it, fix what it needs to be fixed and invest time and money in it if you want to enjoy it even more.

Now, the list should go on, but these were the most important things to check on your bike. Take time and look at it, fix what it needs to be fixed and invest time and money in it if you want to enjoy it even more.


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